1 thought on “Initial Launch

  1. AJAJ

    David, all I can say is thank you for creating this site, and most importantly, thanks for dedicating the hundreds of hours this year in getting this system running!

    I never thought that 2 years ago when I was analyzing these “Microtech” mystery tapes, that one day I would see the system that they backed up running again…but you have made it possible! Thank you for generously volunteering your time and passion to this project.

    By the way, for anyone interested, the system here that David meticulously revived, was from files I pulled off of these tapes: http://bit.ly/2cUhizd

    I had to develop a “Universal QIC Reader” system to extract the files. More at http://QICreader.com

    Thank you again, David! This is a ton of fun!

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