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Been gone from the site for a while. Now updated and working again.

Downloads Not Working

Something broke in the download plugin, so downloads are not currently working. I have contacted the plugin developer, but so far they have not been helpful. I will probably try… Read more »

About Time

Finally cracked the code on the IRIS system clock! So now we can make it work a lot better. In fact, the latest download system now shows the current date… Read more »

COPY issues

The COPY processor has always had a few quirks. See the IRIS USER REFERENCE manual for R7.4 in the downloads area. COPY is described in Section 5.9. 1. Ambiguous Documentation… Read more »

Sharing Files

Added on new page on how to IMPORT, EXPORT, and SHARE files with other users. Hope this helps to clarify how this can be done. See IMPORT, EXPORT, SHARE under… Read more »

CPU Speed

Ran into some timing issues where output sent to the terminal from an assembled program never made it unless I stopped the simulator and then resumed execution. Finally figured out… Read more »