This site is for users to share programs and information about IRIS.

But first, a little history.

In April 2016 a guy by the name of AJ Palmgren contacted me to see what I knew about IRIS. He had come into possession of several QIC (Quarter Inch Cartridge) tapes containing old IRIS backups from 1986. More importantly, he rigged up a way to read them into a Windows binary file! However, the binary files contained tape utility headers, and the Logical Units used disk drivers that were not supported by the SimH Nova simulator.

So how to proceed? To my own surprise, I was able to resurrect a lot of my earlier experience with IRIS. Armed with that and a local web server and some knowledge of PHP, I managed to extract the LU’s from the backups, and also extract specific files from the LU’s. After locating some old DG manuals on the assembly instruction set, I wrote a reverse assembler in PHP and discovered a Diablo 31 driver in the CONFIG file that was compatible with SimH.

All that remained was rearranging a few blocks on the LU to make room for DMAP, and a lot of hours working through various unforeseen issues before finally getting a successful boot from the drive.

Fast forward a few months to September, and I have had great fun writing new drivers and processors and getting them to run. It is very reminiscent of the golden age of IRIS.

With some encouragement from AJ, I started documenting parts of the system that were never clearly laid out years ago, along with trying to improve the migration process in case anyone else ever found some IRIS backups laying around.

At some point the whole thing turned into a hobby. So I decided to organize as much of it as possible and make it accessible to others. So here it is!

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Most importantly, if you have any old IRIS backups stashed away somewhere, please let us know! We would really like to collect a few versions of IRIS and make them available.

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