Major Contributors

A great big THANK YOU to some of the major contributors who made this site possible.

Mark Pizzolato and the whole SimH team.

These are the dedicated professionals who are preserving all the old systems by creating and maintaining the SimH simulator. Mark has also been very supportive of our efforts here.
Here’s their website:

AJ Palmgren

It was AJ who wired up a gizmo to read QIC backup tapes. Without those we would not have IRIS. He also encouraged me to start documenting what we knew about the system.
You can read about his tape reader here.
He also has a very active website here.

Dan Paymar

Dan actually wrote the original Basic interpreter that runs on IRIS. He provided a great deal of help to AJ during his attempts to make sense of the backup tapes he had.

Bruce Ray

Bruce (of ) contributed most of the manuals you see here and on AJ’s site. Without those, we would still be guessing at the syntax we can’t remember from 35 years ago!