Sharing Files / Updating LU0

Since this is a hobby site, users can create new programs and system tools to be shared with others.

Originally, we had a plugin that made it easy for everyone to upload files. But that plugin stopped working and we had to replace the entire download system. So for now, if you want to contribute a download, please contact David via the Message system and make arrangements to send him the file.

What follows below are some guidelines for making it easier to share your files with others and how to add new files to your existing IRIS disk drives.

Be sure to include a good description of your Upload so other users know how to implement your project. Files must end with one of the following extensions :
doc, docx, rtf, pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, txt, src, zip.

The challenge is how to offer individual IRIS files to other users, since all IRIS files are internal to the simH disk drive file. Several methods to accomplish this are outlined below.

Since textfiles can be imported and exported from the host PC, they can be uploaded to this site for others to download and import into their system.

No import / export of binary data has yet been fully implemented. However, we can still share binary IRIS files using some of the methods outlined below. Of course, any method for transferring a binary file will also work for a textfile.

See Importing and Exporting for how to extract textfiles from your simH environment, and for some ideas about solving the problem of import and export of binary files.

Using a ZIP file for multiple texts

If you have multiple text files all relating to a single project, you can export them all, zip them together, and upload them as a group.

Using a Diablo secondary drive

One way share a binary file is to INSTALL a secondary DKP drive as an IRIS LU, which is physically a host file attached to simH. Then copy files to that LU, REMOVE it, and  share that entire drive with other users.

In our DKP downloads distribution, we have a D31 setup as an LU7. Many of the new features we have added to IRIS 7.5 have been copied to that drive. So if you install it as part of your simH environment, you can copy those new tools to your LU0. Alternately, you can create your own LUx, copy the files you want to share to that LU, zip it, and upload it (note: As of 5-20-2017, the standard LU0 drives (D31 and C114) have been updated with all the new tools available at that time).

WARNING: Be sure to check CONFIG 1400 before Attaching and Installing an LU. Otherwise you can damage the secondary LU beyond repair. As an extra safeguard, we recommend making a duplicate file (using the host copy and paste) of the DKP before using it.

The Standard D31 LU0 (in downloads) should be setup to install a secondary D31 LU as follows ( you can put the sim statements in your *.sim file so the drive is always available for an install ) :

sim> SET DKP1 D31
sim> ATTACH DKP1 iris7.d31 ; or whatever its name is

The Standard C114 LU0 (in downloads) should similarly be setup to install a secondary D31 LU as follows:

sim> SET DKP1 D31
sim> ATTACH DKP1 iris7.d31  ; or whatever

Notice the main difference is that when D31 is your LU0, the secondary drive is a separate partition on the same driver. But when C114 is your LU0, the secondary drive is partition zero on a separate driver.

You will need to ZIP your drive file in order to upload it to this site. We suggest using your login name as part of the zip filename, so you can add things to it and re-upload it in the future to share more stuff.


Any Other Ideas ?

If you have any other ideas on how this could work, we invite you to use your IRIS skills to create some new tools and share them with the rest of us!

We are working on ways to import and export binary files, which will allow for uploading individual IRIS assembly files. See Importing and Exporting for more info.